Interaction Design Engineer

Danfoss A/S


Interaction designer in a VP (value proposition) and design team. Here, I was conducting user studies, usability tests, design concepts for mobile applications, prototyping/simulations (both tangible and digital), user interfaces, product design and various other design/marketing assignments.



Mobile Application Work



Role //  UX-Designer, UI-Designer, Concept Designer, Maintenance of the App


KoolCode App is a fast and easy App that provides service technicians, refrigeration engineers, in-store technicians, and others with on-the-spot access to alarm status and parameter descriptions for a range of Danfoss refrigeration controllers with a three digit display.


Use Scenario

Sketching of use scenarios for designing the best user experience. These sketches were later used in a presentation of the concept.


Information Architecture

Over all architecture of the mobile application. This was used as an overview of the application, and in discussions with the software developers I was working with.

Final Product